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Going Insane! 12 Things to Do During Stay-Home Orders


1. If you have a website, this is a good time for some SEO: Search Engine Optimization and update your keywords.

2. Now is the time to research that start-up business you have been thinking about idly.


3. Build the best couch fort in all the land. Defend it from invading pirates.

4. If you have a skill that you can perform for others (while maintaining social distance), advertise a sidewalk concert or performance session.

5. Study your garden. What changes will you make this year?


6. Write up an exercise routine for every day of the week. Store it in a plastic page protector and use dry erase markers to mark off things you did.

7. Dance. Some dance schools are offering virtual classes.

Forgotten Tasks

8. Tie that string to the too-short light pull chain.

9. Sew that button back on.

10. Return all of the materials from your last DIY project.


11. If it is warm and sunny out, look for frogs in the drainage ditches.

12. Open all the windows in the house every day, even if for only five minutes.


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